Smart Health for clients of AIG Protection services

Protection provider AIG has recently added a really useful new benefit to their policy. The benefit is included in many of our clients’ current plan premiums and its called Smart Health.

What is Smart Health?

Smart Health is a convenient way to connect customers to the healthcare they need – from on-demand consultations with UK based GPs to complex case reviews from the worlds top specialists, and everything in between. There are 6 elements to the plan:

  • Full GP consultations conducted over the phone/ video.
  • Expert case management
  • Mental health support
  • on line health check
  • on line fitness programme
  • nutrition consultations.

 Within the the plan, you can also order Prescriptions which can be delivered, but you’ll pay a slight premium in comparison to NHS costs.

This benefit is particularly timely as trying to get a Doctors appointment is becoming more and more difficult as many are finding. What’s more, it is available to all immediate family members ( up to age 21) even if they don’t have a policy. 

To find out all the details including T&Cs, registering and downloading the easy to use Application for your smart phone, you can download this guide

Please feel free to contact your City Mortgage Solutions broker or contact us directly here at head office to speak to a member of our team.