The Year So Far …

2015 continues to provide a strong market for property.

2015 has continued in a strong way for City, off the back of a really good 2014, even distractions like the general election hasn’t cooled the desire for people to move home, or buy a second property as a Buy To let, often with the view that this will act like a pension pot. In fact the election really stabilised the market with at least certainty about which government would preside for the period ahead.

Director Paul Clark comments

“ The general public really does now understand that to get professional, timely advice around property and protection matters they really must consultant with an independent broker. With 70% of all mortgages coming from the introducer / broker market, and nearly 90% of all BTL business coming through this channel, it’s clear our customers want advice and more importantly choice. Our City Brokers offer a full advice and recommendation service to make sure our customers get exactly what suits them.

Paul continued

“ Just getting an appointment at a Mortgage lenders branch can take many many weeks, and the quality of advice received is highly unlikely be at the level of an Independent Mortgage broker, like we have at City; and the statistics bare that out.

So if you need help with your home move, re-mortgage or Buy to let look no further contact us today.

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